If you have questions about joining the SCV or LITCHFIELD CAMP 132, please contact Commander Frank Barnhill at scscv132@gmail.com.  Include membership request in the subject line.  Someone will be in contact with you soon.



• Commander: Frank Barnhill 843-457-0413
• 1st Lieutenant: Joe Hood 843-492-0416
• 2nd Lieutenant: Curtis Canady 843-333-9847
• Adjutant: Dennis Fulmer 843-238-7053


Guardian Program: Bobby Scarborough- Phone# 843-457-8600
Genealogist: Buddy Freeman- Phone#
Chaplain: Vernon Thompkins- Phone# 843-365-5706
Color Sergeant: John Zakrzewski- Phone# (585)-704-0023
Historian: Keith Edwards- Phone# 843-254-9941
Adopt-a-Hwy: Vernon Thompkins - Phone# 843-365-5706
Newsletter: Vacant
Member Retention: E. K. Altman - Phone# 843-347-3642
Aide-de-Camp: Ed Thompson - Phone# 843-347-3075
Judge Advocate: Ricky Todd - Phone# 843-365-0290
Web Master: Jamie Graham - Phone# 843-397-2311