Litchfield Camp # 0132 Guardian Program

(W) denotes Wilderness Guardian
(X) denotes Guardian in area's other than Horry County
10 Full Guardians / 18 Pro Tem Guardians / 97 Soldiers final resting place being guarded

Members of the Guardian Program

Edward Altman
Sgt. Benjamin B. Cox /Branton Cemetery / Conway (W)

Henry Altman
Pvt. William J Sessions /Sessions Cemetery / Conway (W)

Terry Carter
Pvt. James J. Cook /Pawley Swamp / Conway
Pvt. Alpha A. Graham /Rehobeth Methodist / Aynor
Pvt. Robert L H Branton /Jacks Branch / Conway-Bucksport (W)

Jamie Graham
Pvt. Moses Paul /Parker / Conway (W)
Pvt. Isaac Graham / Parker /Conway (W)
Pvt. Alex Bourn /Parker / Conway (W)
Pvt. Thomas Parker /Parker / Conway (W)
Pvt. William Henry Parker /Parker / Conway (W)
Sgt. Gause Alva Smith / Parker / Conway (W)
Cpl. John S. Tompkins /Tompkins Williams /Conway (W)
Pvt. Henry Brown /Old Ark / Woodberry / Marion (W) (X)
Sgt. John Robert Hucks /Old Ark / Woodberry / Marion (W) (X)
Pvt. George G. McElveen /Oak Grove/Woodberry/Marion (W) (X)
Pvt. James Hucks /Larrimore/Woodberry/Marion (X)
Pvt. Moses Lowrimore /Larrimore/Woodberry/Marion (X)
Pvt. Samuel William Cannon /Pawley Swamp / Conway
Pvt. James S. Brown /State Branch / Conway
Pvt. William Harrison Alford /State Branch / Conway
Pvt. John T. Tompkins /Rehobeth Baptist / Aynor
Pvt. Levi Moore /Moore Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Isaac Shelley /Moore Cemetery /Conway
1st Lt. Benjamin Moore /Moore Cemetery /Conway

Rusty Richardson
Pvt. Wade H. Richardson /Old Neck Cemetery / Marion (X)

Robert Scarborough
Pvt. Franklin Gorham Burroughs /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Duncan Archibald Calhoun /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. George W. Gatlin /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Russell Hardee /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
1st. Sgt. Charles Leroy Johnson /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Sgt. Jesse H. Jollie /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Sgt. John A. Mayo /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Henry Clay Moore /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
1st Lt. Evan Norton /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. John M. Oliver /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. John T. Proctor /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Sgt. Jeremiah Smith / Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Paisley O. Snowden /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Asbury Staley /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Kelley Tisdale /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Joseph Todd /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Henry Clay Tuton / Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. Isaac J. Williams /Lakeside Cemetery / Conway
Artificer William Joseph Abrams /First United Methodist / Conway
Capt. Samuel Bell /First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. Benjamin Grier Collins /First United Methodist / Conway
1st Lt. Thomas Akin Beaty Cooper /First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. William Currie /First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. William E. Hardwick /First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. Isaac T. Lewis /First United Methodist / Conway
Sgt. William Norman McAnge / First United Methodist / Conway
Col. Benjamin Eason Sessions /First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. Abijah Hollingsworth Skipper / First United Methodist / Conway
Pvt. Malcolm V. Wood /First United Methodist / Conway

Johnny Sessions
Pvt. John Marion Sessions /Brown Swamp / Conway

Ed Thompson
Pvt. Wesley F Todd /Edge Cemetery / Conway (W)
Pvt. Edward T. Ricks /Daniel Edge Cemetery / Longs
Pvt. Joseph M. Thompson /Lee Cemetery / Conway
Pvt. John Grainger /Grainger Cemetery / Longs

Ricky Todd
Sgt. Joseph J. Todd /Bethlehem Baptist / Conway

Aubrey Glen Tyler
Pvt. John J. Coats /Rehobeth Methodist / Aynor


Guardians Pro Tem

Tony B. Anderson
Pvt. Henry M. Anderson /Pleasant Meadow Baptist / Green Sea

Johnny "Leo" Cooper
Pvt. John R. Cooper /Hillcrest Cemetery / Conway

Jeff Edwards
Pvt. Russell Cooper /Mount Tabor Baptist / Georgetown

Keith Edwards
Sgt. John E. Collins /Old Zion / Galivants Ferry

Paul Gause
Pvt. Asa G. Causey /Willow Springs / Conway
Pvt. David Levi Anderson /Lewis Cemetery
Pvt. Edward J. Gause /Lewis Cemetery
Pvt. Reuben W. Gause /Lewis Cemetery
Pvt. William Asa Gause /Lewis Cemetery
Pvt. William Culverhouse Gause /William C. Gause Cemetery
Pvt. Zebedee J. Causey /Union Methodist

Steven Graham
Pvt. Dennis Cannon /Pawley Swamp / Conway
Pvt. Samuel W. Cannon /Pawley Swamp / Conway

Charles (Joe) Hood
Pvt. Joshua W. Johnson /Sweetwater Branch / Conway

Robert R. Hood
Sgt. Miles W. Hardee /Sweetwater Branch / Conway

Dean Lewis
Pvt. Isaac Lewis /Fox Branch / Loris

Larry Lightsey
2nd. Lt. William L. Prince /Port Harrelson / Bucksport (W)
Pvt. Lexington E. Tompkins /Hucksfield / Georgetown (X)
Cpl. James E. Tompkins /Hucksfield / Georgetown (X)

Anthony Martin
Pvt. William Dwight Martin /Cedar Grove / Conway
Pvt. William Perry Jordan /Cedar Grove / Conway

Olin L. Martin, Jr.
Sgt. John B. Skipper /Cane Branch Baptist / Loris

Steve Maupin
Pvt. George W. Jacobs / Buck Creek / Longs

James O'Kelley
Pvt. James Perry Jordan /Willow Springs / Conway
Pvt. James E. Dusenbury /Willow Springs / Conway
Pvt. James Horry Dusenbury /Willow Springs / Conway
Sgt. Robert Paul Green /Willow Springs / Conway
Pvt. Benjamin Asbury Hardee /Willow Springs / Conway
Pvt. Zebedee R. Jordan /Willow Springs / Conway

James F. Parker
Pvt. Daniel F. Stevens /Cane Branch Baptist / Loris

Jarame Parker
Pvt. Daniel Franklin Prince /Cane Branch Baptist / Loris

Wilton M. Prince
Pvt. Isaac J. Parker /Mount Lebanon / Longs
1st Lt. Ethel D. Richardson /Mount Lebanon / Longs
Pvt. Samuel D. Stanley /Mount Lebanon / Longs
Pvt. Asa D. Parker /Mount Lebanon / Longs

Chris Tyler
Pvt. W.P. Edge /WP Edge Family Cemetery / Conway (W)