The SC Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are working  to erect a monument in the Charleston area to honor the 170 men that signed the Ordinance of Seccession.  This monument will be made of granite.  it will weigh 20 tons and is 11 feet tall.  It will be placed in the middle of a 40 foot square.  Around the monument will be granite pavers in the shape of the Cross of Honor.  You can honor your ancestor by purchasing a paver with your Ancestor's name and unit or with just your name  for $100.  You can upgrade this and for only $250, you get a numbered .999% silver collectors coin , with the monument on the coin plated in gold.  Only 500 coins have been made.  This way you can own a piece of history.  Once this monument is erected, in the future, your decendants can visit and see their Confederate soldier ancestor's name or your name engraved in one of the pavers. So help us get this monument erected by purchasing a paver , a paver & coin, or a $5000 bench, these wil be there forever and for all to see.  Be proud of your ancestor and your Heritage and help get this done.


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